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Hello, my name is Stephen E. Dinehart IV. I'm a writer, director, developer, artist & designer working in experiences, both digital & actual, sometimes a mix of both. I created the "Narrative Designer" in 2006 to gain employment with THQ developing story-driven games. Recent projects span from games for consoles to rides & lands for places like Universal Parks and Resorts. Currently at Wonderfilled, Inc. we make mixed-reality experiences for clients and build our own. Learn more about our first internal project at


Games Design, Direction & Writing

I've been making games all my life. From indie hits like "Cloud", to AAA shooters like "F.E.A.R. 3" and top rated strategy games like "Company of Heroes". I even design and teach in programs for educating the next generation of game designers.

Themed Attraction Design

I began working in designing experiences for location-based enterteinment (LBE) in 2016. In 2017 I became the 2nd Game Attraction Designer for NBC Universal and since have worked on project for various parks like "Volcano Bay", Evermore Park and upcoming "Super Nintendo World" .

Mixed-Reality for LBE

I create projects that blend the actual and virtual to create new kinds of experiences, usually driven by the use of a head-mounted display (HMD).


From big screens to small and one's you wear on your head, I was tradtionally trained in the art of screenwriting at USC's School of Cinematic Arts and have written for Warner Bros., NBC Universal and more.


Here's a small smaple of my recent works. 1) Evermore Park as Director of Gaming, I took the vision & helped it get to the next level for guests for seasons to come. 2) Super Nintendo World was a lot of fun, I'm most proud of writing and designing the Mario Kart darkride, much of it I still cannot speak of. 3) PSYCHFI is a collective out of the UK that sees me wearing different hats, from Executive Producer to VR developer. Our work has shown around the UK and is now a regular feature at Boomtown Fair.

Evermore Park, Utah USA

Super Nintendo World, Osaka JP

Psycfi, London UK

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