Speaking engagements including:

Professor Dinehart is a speaker in Creativity, Games, Startups, Stories & More


With over two decades of experience in the realm of online entertainment, immersive experiences, and game development, Stephen brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to every speaking engagement. His dynamic storytelling abilities, coupled with his deep understanding of narrative direction and interactive experiences, leave audiences inspired and eager to push the boundaries of creativity.

Stephen's engaging presence on stage, coupled with his passion for empowering others and driving innovation, makes him a sought-after speaker at conferences, industry events, and academic institutions worldwide. From sharing groundbreaking insights to discussing the future of entertainment, Stephen's keynotes resonate long after the applause fades, leaving a lasting impact on every audience member fortunate enough to experience his talks.

Here is a list of some of places Professor Dinehart has spoken:

  • Pacifica Institute
  • Country Music Hall of Fame
  • Sci-Fi London Film Festival
  • Hackstock
  • Forward Festival
  • MDEV 
  • GDC Mobile
  • GDC Online

  • RiseUp Summit
  • SCAD
  • University of Tampa
  • Gamification World Congress
  • Cartoons on The Bay
  • TEDxTransmedia
  • VR/AR Global Summit

Harvard Tech Conference - The Future of Games
The very 1st TEDx - TEDxTransmedia in Switzerland