Hello, again, world!

Oops. I did it. Again. No, nothing too sinister, but I started a blog. A year ago, I would have scoffed at the idea. 5 years ago, I would have simply refused to entertain the idea with much more than a smirk. Blogs are dead. Right? Right? Somewhere, something in me knows its time to go back, even if I do want to kick my feet.

The first time I heard that word, “blog”, was 20 years ago. My teacher Scott Fisher at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, whom was also my department chair, required us to start one for our intro class. As a grad student I used to think it was silly. To be perfectly honest, in some ways I still do.

Much like cartooning, I never thought I’d return to blogging.

The internet hasn’t really evolved much from those days, so much as devolved. As a technologist I’ve been trained to always look at the new, and that’s one reason I left the blog. I didn’t need it anymore, blogs or blogging, and I was certain there were new ways of communicating on the internet, better ways.

There’s no reason to justify my flippant attitude though. Blogs changed my life, and for the better. When I started in the Narrative Designer role I had created for THQ Global back in 2006 I quickly realized I had few peers, especially in-studio, and the so the best way to get deep and build a community was with my now defunct NarrativeDesign.org blog ‘The Narrative Design Explorer’ (NDE). It helped me in countless ways. Yes just like that first blog. I thought of using this as a reboot of the NDE, but this blog will be much more, perhaps less, in some ways as I’ll use it for a range of subjects and as much more of a personal journal in some respects.

Maybe in a small way this is how we take it back, the internet. Perhaps even our collective sanity. One blog at a time. Thanks for tuning in. Oh, and, I don’t keep personal media accounts for the most part anymore, only this and for the time, Linkedin. If you need me please use the home page, coming soon…. NarrativeDesigner.com All the best.

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